Monday, May 23, 2011

Backyard weddings.

Hi. I'm Jamie. A friend of Ali's, fellow blogger, and Oregonian. Ali and I share a similar love for weddings. (Please note: I am not married...I am not even engaged.)My favorite part of not having had my wedding is dreaming of the day. I tend to switch back and forth between eloping and having a wedding of 200+ guests (when the day comes, that is.) I love finding hidden Oregon gems for a wedding. Some places I've considered: an open field with one big oak tree, a small white chapel on big open road, a white covered bridge, a public park in a small town, a little vineyard lost in the middle of nowhere, or a big red barn. But then I go home. To my parent's house. And I find myself in love with the idea of a backyard wedding. So home-y. Also, um, free.

Take a look at a few images I found:

backyard wedding 5

backyard wedding3

backyard wedding2

backyard wedding

all via.


someone's backyard. lucky ducks.
via me. (Taken from a window of a moving car in the McKenzie River Valley, Oregon.)

Where do you dream of your big day? 

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  1. Love the outdoor weddings. Once attended one that looked just like the last picture. And I totally plan to also {someday} have my own wedding outdoors; preferably at a vineyard.
    Beautiful post Jamie.