About Me

Ali Beth Marshall

I am a 20-something gal who married my t-ball sweetheart right after I graduated from the University of Oregon (mhmm go ducks). My respect grows and I continue to fall deeper in love with him each day that passes - he is my best friend, my cup that's half full when I'm half empty, my left shoe when I'm the right, he's my peanut butter when I'm the jelly.

We have two kids (well, really two yellow labs, but we think they're our kids), and we love to take them on walks and play hide-and-go-seek in our little house together.  

I'm a business woman at heart and have a strong belief that women play a great role in our world today - to make change and to believe the sky is the limit.  What would we have if we didn't?

I'm determined like my mother and rarely take no for an answer, but also mellow like my father and love to sit back and observe.  

I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes as the first sign of fall, anything Amy Butler, I'm at the most peace when my house is clean and my kitchen sink is scrubbed, I love mangos for breakfast, and every room in my house is painted a different bright, crazy color.  

Three things that complete me: sticky notes for to-do lists, my husband, and chocolate.

Oh, and of course, can't forget my love for llamas.  This is my all-time favorite picture - I have it hanging in my living room.