Sunday, December 12, 2010

how the grinch stole christmas

I'm feeling very much like the grinch who stole Christmas.  We decided not to put a Christmas tree up this year, since we're going home to Oregon for the holidays.  I'm a very practical person, so of course to only have a tree up for 3 weeks doesn't seem worth the effort to me - it's a lot of work to do the whole Christmas tree thing!  Then the thought of having to come back from our trip to Oregon to a dead tree to take care of before we're back to work the next day, does not sound very practical to me either.  So needless to say, I've been fantasizing about Christmas trees a lot lately. Here are some fab ones to gawk at:

For info on how to make these, click here.

Also, I would like the front of my house to look like this:

* The photos above come from the following sites: Martha Stewart and a few other unknown sites.  If you feel your photo has been improperly attributed, please contact me and I will remedy it asap

I think it's also important to reflect back on our first Christmas tree as a married couple, meet Charlie Brown, or Charlie Bush:

Maybe next year, since we don't plan to go to Oregon, I'll put two trees up just to make up for the loss this year.



  1. I love the Charlie Bush tree! It's perfect!

  2. Ali! a) i love this b) you should check out casa sugar's article about fun faux Christmas trees, i think you would enjoy (link below) and c) erin butner just started a wedding invitation company and i think you should connect with her : )

    love you