Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY - fabric flower bouquets.

I love finding new, creative ways to do things differently for weddings.  Check out this project for making your own flower bouquets out of fabric.  As a fabric/sewing lover, I'm all about this crafty project.  It's charming, inventive, colorful, and really allows you to show your personality with the different fabric choices.  On top of all that - it's inexpensive.  Score.

 *All photos via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Brilliant, right?

View the printable instructions here by Andrea Gray Harper via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

You can turn this DIYer into a great craft night project for you and all of your bridesmaid ladies - you pick the fabric, they make their bouquets!  I can picture it now... all-girls night, wine, cheese and crackers, moose munch, chocolate, laughter, pajamas, gossip, and your favorite Justin Bieber CD playing in the background (partially kidding about JB).

These would make great home decor pieces post-wedding also!  In fact, as soon as I'm done writing this, I'm going to add this to my list of must-do craft projects for when I get back into my craft-inspired season - springtime!


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  1. Ali, I love these. Next time we are together can we please spend an afternoon crafting up some beautiful flowers?