Sunday, January 30, 2011

ode to a purple coat - the 2nd best deal of the month.

I came across this lovely coat yesterday at the store while getting a few necessary things with the husband, and you would.not.believe. the steal of a deal it was.  I'm not really in to spending money lately because we're trying to save for Violet Hills, but it's almost like it was placed perfectly in that spot on the edge of that rack, just for me, and just so I would find it.  It was the last one there, and in my size.  Sooo naturally, I bought it, what else was I supposed to do?  Just leave it there?  Anyways, I WAS  EXCITED!  So excited, in fact, that the husband and I had a fun photo shoot in the sun this afternoon with our new camera, the purple coat, and a yellow balloon:

Here are my favorite things about it:

1. It was regularly $70 and I got it for $17.90
2. The military-like buttons
3. I love purple
4. The ruffles and funky cut on the bottom.  This is why the husband hated it.  This is why I bought it.
5. The high neck
6. It was regularly $70 and I got it for $17.90.  I know.  I already said that. 

Also, wanna know why it's only the 2nd best deal of the month?  Because THIS is the 1st best deal of the month!!

Now.  Go find some stellar winter deals.  And, enter the Giveaway!



  1. Love your new coat, and your sassiness, of course.

  2. OMG you are so stinking cute! Just so we are clear, if there were multiples there, I would have expected you to a. buy one for me or b. call me so I could go pick it up (and you would have to hide it in a rack some place odd.)

  3. Love the coat - especially the ruffles. Seriously, what a steal!

  4. Great coat, and it has your name all over it, so of course you had to buy it! Mom

  5. And all along I thought you bought the coat because it was violet!! To go with violet hills of course.
    Cute coat :)

  6. Beautiful coat. I love the pictures. So much fun!