Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we all scream for ice cream.

Planning a summer wedding?  Nothing says nostalgic summer past time more than Mr. Good Humor and his ice cream truck, along with his light and happy music that dances in your little kid ears, right?  Soooo why not have your very own ice cream truck at your wedding?  I mean really, why the heck not? 

This Good Humor guy looks pretty ready to serve you whatever your little kid heart desires.  I wouldn't mind hiring a good lookin' ice cream man to serve ice cream or gelato to my guests... just sayin.
*Photo by Gold Coast Ice Cream via Flikr

*Photo by He and She Photography via lushlee

*Photos credits via Brenda's Wedding Blog

Serving ice cream at your wedding is really nothing new.  But serving it a la a vintage ice cream truck with a cute server boy?  AWESOME!


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