Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wedding decor turned home decor

I came across this adorable DIY wedding decor project that I just HAD to share.  If you are anything like me, you like colorful things.  I have alllll sorts of colors in my house; my color scheme is pretty much that there is no color scheme.  So it's no surprise that I love these little ditties.  A bride made these for her wedding with sweet song lyrics in all of them. 

After the wedding, you can either give them out to your guests if they're interested, or pack them up to take them home and create a collage on an empty wall, which will be a precious remembrance of your special day together.  This particular bride did both.

See her instructions on how to make them on her leethal! do stuff! blog

Wanna know one of the best parts about this project?  You get to go thrifting for the frames.


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  1. Ali, this is awesome! Maybe my next project?!