Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cupcake delight.

I've had cupcakes on the brain the last few days.

I think it's because my awesome friend and colleague came to see me first thing on Monday morning with a delicious chocolate (the only kind) cupcake in hand.  Is that not the THEE best way to start off a week?  The only problem is I really wanted to eat it for breakfast, so I struggled alllll morning long with it staring at me from the right side of my desk, sitting snugly (or smugly?) by my stapler.  But, I lasted until 1:30, then devoured the thing in like 10 seconds flat.  It's probably a record or something.

Then this afternoon, I went on a slight shopping spree (whoops) with same said friend and colleague on our lunch break.  What did she do?  She bought cupcake sprinkles because she's making more cupcakes this weekend.  While in the store buying cupcake sprinkles, I pointed out some adorable cupcake papers - she said she'd already purchased them and used them at her daughter's 1-year birthday party awhile back.  Sheesh - cupcake obsessed crazy lady.

I digress.

Cupcakes for weddings seem to have been the craze lately.  I feel like I saw them popping up at more and more weddings I attended in the last couple of years.  Don't you just feel whimsically childlike unwrapping them?

*Three above photos source

*Two above photos source

You know what would be really cute on top of your cupcakes?  These pinwheels!



  1. Have you tried Celebrations on Garland? They are supposed to have wonderful cupcakes!