Tuesday, February 22, 2011

farmer's market delight.

It's right around this time of year that I start complaining more about the weather. I love that I live in an area that gets touched by all four seasons, I truly appreciate that - I realize I should probably appreciate it more than I do.  But after 4 months of freezing temperatures, I'm so over winter.  So you can imagine my shrieking excitement when I woke up this morning to see more snow on the ground. Mmmhmm.

Correspondingly, it's right around this time of year that I start itching for that spring/summer feel.  You know what feeling I'm talking about.

I start thinking about garage sale-ing.

I start thinking about all of the weddings I get to attend.

I start thinking about all of the craft projects on my list to start creating.
(For example, this one here).  I can't wait to make something similar to go on my not-yet-purchased shelves for the living room.

I start thinking about planting my vegetable garden - what veggies will I try this year?

I start thinking about the warm sun kissing my skin - I forget what that feels like in the dead of winter. My husband calls me his little plant, because when the sun finally comes out you can't get me to come inside.  It's like I need the sun and warmth to survive.

I start thinking about farmer's markets.  I love the atmosphere, the freshness, the creativity, the camaraderie buddy feel - like we all belong to some club where we know we look after each other because we're choosing to buy local that day.

So when I came across these farmer's market-inspired pictures, I instantly got SO happy.

*Photos by Terra Dawn Photography via elizabeth anne designs

Everything from the wild flower bouquets, to the jars, to the old wooden crates, to the berries and veggies, to the hand written signs, everything, might have just given me just enough umph to get me through the remaining wintery days.

As long as there's not too many, that is.

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