Saturday, February 5, 2011

i am in love.

With this.  

 I don't know if I can get any sort of wedding inspiration from this particular picture (can you?), but oh well.  Either way,  And I had to share.

Also, I want to paint a doorway in my house like the telephone booth one.

Speaking of telephone booths, I have a friend and colleague that has a telephone booth in her house.  Like a real, legitimate telephone booth - and it's in her formal dining room.  Funny, huh?  Funny and fantastic.  Apparently, whenever they have new friends over, they take pictures of said friends in the telephone booth, then put the pictures up in the booth.  So the booth is full of cute pictures of friends and family hanging out in the booth!  I have yet to see this amazing piece of furniture (can I call it that?), but once I do, I promise I will take pictures and share with you.  Because that is just something that needs to be shared.


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