Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

Dear friends, from here on out, I am dedicating Sunday posts to my thwacks and shout-outs from the previous week. I think you will get the hang of it once you start reading.

I know my childhood friends will appreciate this.  Love you Oregon GFs.

Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.

1.) It snowed over a foot on Wednesday night in Spokane.  It is the end of February.  This should not be happening.  Period.

2.) My sister tagged me this week in this picture from a few years ago on FB.  How many chins does it look like I have?  Not exactly flattering.  Love ya too sis.

 3.) I came home from work on Tuesday and my pants zipper was down.  Awesome - I wonder how long it'd been like that?  I guess I'll never know. Thanks Moss friends for telling me.  Love you guys just as much as I love my sister.

4.) My husband now has the nasty cold that has been going around.  I made him sleep on the couch Thursday night.  I hate when we don't sleep in the same bed.  Which explains why I got only a few hours of sleep that night.  Which explains why I purchased a triple shot the next morning.

5.)  I went antiquing yesterday (see #6 below) and was meandering through one of those not-really-antiques-but-more-like-crap stores, and it was packed full of junk without a whole lot of space to move around.  My purse bumped a picture that was leaning up against a shelf.  The picture fell.  The glass shattered everywhere on the floor.  Ugh.  The owner came over and said "well that's one way to make a sale hahaha".  She was joking.  I did not find it funny, because I felt horrible.  Major fail.

1.) The husband was in charge of snacks for his master's program class on Wednesday night.  He went to the store to buy some bulk M&Ms to go along with the air popped popcorn we prepared (mm hmm, we're cheap).  He called me on his way out of the store freaking out because he accidentally bought $30 worth.  He has to use $15 of his monthly allowance to pay for that.  Why is this a shout-out?  Because I have chocolate for the next six months to feed my addiction.

2.) My friend Becky won a photo shoot giveaway on Friday for her cute little baby Ellie.  I am shouting out for her.

3.) I have been eyeing some Steve Madden boots for weeks now, but haven't wanted to spend the money to make them mine.  Last Sunday they were on super sale.  $25.  I could not pass it up.  Score. 

4.) My sister in law, Caitlin, left on her trip to Europe this week for a MONTH.  I am super excited for her!  Check out her blog here - I'm hoping she updates us while she's over there.

5.) The husband and I had pillow talk for two hours Friday night before we fell asleep - reminiscing about our t-ball, middle school, and high school days together.  I think I will remember this night with him for a long long time.  I loved it.  A lot.

6.) It's busy season at work (day job) right now, so technically I'm supposed to be working 6 days a week.  My boss asked me to pick one Saturday to take off this busy season, and it was yesterday.  The husband and I went antiquing and consignment shopping downtown in stores that we always say we want to explore, but just haven't yet.

We went to Fringe & Fray for the first time - and loved it!

Then we went to Sante's and sipped on coffee (hot chocolate for the husband) that looked like this:

And that had the cutest little salt and pepper shakers known to man.

Then we meandered over to the local Auntie's Book Store that's connected to Sante's, and looked around at (naturally) books in this section - WEDDINGS:

And we explored the new downtown co-op and natural foods store, Main Market.  We bought a baguette to snack on together while we explored:

We walked around a few other small clothing and antique stores in the area, but my favorite place of the day was most definitely Roost.  I have been dying to go here, and it did not disappoint!  They have THEE coolest vintage/antique home decor pieces.  I was in heaven and cannot wait to go back next time to find what new treasures they have:

There's something about discovering more about the local companies and their owners in my own town.  It instantly makes me feel more connected to the place I call home. 

After yesterday's adventure, I love Spokane even more than I did before.

Oh, also, I got to draw a winner for my first giveaway - see who won here!



  1. Sis, I am so sorry about the picture, I didn't even even notice the extra chins (still don't really) I just loved your extra-big, I'm-laughing-super-hard face and holding baby Laney was just adorable! I'm sorry I made you feel double-chinned.... I love you and you are beautiful!

  2. Cute post! Thanks for the shout-out! I am still really excited about it. Also, I was right next door from Fringe & Fray at the Rocket Bakery early Saturday morning. I need to go there - soo much cute stuff I spied from the windows.

  3. I love the Thawcks and shout outs! Nice job! By the way, I never knew that your zipper was down. I really don't make it a habit to look at those awkard places! :) Love you too! So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Pictures are awesome.

  4. Just so you know, that Thwack picture makes me want to dig up some old pictures of GOTH dorm night and post them to your facebook page:) Maybe they would make your next Thwack post? hmmmm...