Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wedding shower to-do checklist.

With the high wedding season nearing us, it's about that time to start planning for bridal showers too.  Woooo fun!!

If this is your first time planning a bridal shower, (in fact, even if you're a seasoned veteran), you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the details that go into planning a great shower.  It's a fairly important event for the bride, so not only do you want to plan a great get-together, but you also want it to be a fabulous, memorable time for the bride, celebrating with her friends and/or family, no?  I know, I'm caking on the pressure even more.  Sorry.

Anyways, first things first...stop freaking.

Second, we alllll know how I love lists of things to do to give me a visual of tasks, and then being able to cross things off that list once they are completed.  Best.feeling.in.the.world.  So, jump on my band wagon, and follow this easy check-list to ensure you don't miss anything, and throw the best shower a bride could ask for!


1. Pick a date.  Ideally two weeks to two months before the wedding.  But anytime works, really.

2. Create a guest list.  The bride should be able to help you determine who should be on that list.

3. Choose a theme (optional).  Need some ideas?  Try here or here.  I personally like this tea party theme:


4. Determine the location.  At your house?  A venue?  A park?

5. Buy or make the invitations.  Make sure to include registry information on the invitations.  There are a slew of adorable invitations on Etsy for reasonable prices.  I am in love with this particular design:


Four to six weeks before the shower:

1. Send invitations.

2. Decide on decorations and centerpieces.  If you decided to have a theme, these will most likely tie in with that theme.  I have a friend who is planning a shower right now, and she is making some adorable coffee filter garlands like these below.  Want to make your own?  Go here for a tutorial.


3. Plan a menu.

4. Prepare an activity (optional).  Check out some possibilities here and here.

One week before the shower

1. Buy a gift.  I think a good range is between $25-$50.  My personal opinion on this is, if you're throwing the shower, that can most definitely be your gift to the bride.  If multiple people are chipping in to help throw the shower, maybe consider also chipping in to purchase a gift together.

The week of the shower:

1. Shop for and prepare food (unless you are having it catered).

2. Purchase thank you cards for the bride (optional). 

The day of the shower:

1. Set up decorations.

2. Bring a pad of paper and pencil to write down who purchased what gifts to help the bride keep track for thank you notes.

3. As the guests arrive, have them write their address on a thank you note envelope, to make the process of writing thank you notes easier for the bride, since she has many things on her mind pre-wedding.  Some think this is tacky (possibly the older generation?), some don't.  It's up to you.

Happy planning!  Holler if you need any help or suggestions, friends.



  1. I ran across the coffee filter garland a while back and want to make them for my house. But, first I need to get some window treatments up that I like before I do that, otherwise they would look silly.

    Also, if I ever get married (again) you are just going to have to either be my wedding planner, even though you don't necessarily want to go that direction OR just be my matron of honor, for the simple fact that I KNOW that wedding would be A-MAZING! :)

    I love you, Ali!

  2. Thanks so much Holly! Our main goal is to own property and host weddings, but I do want to help brides plan as well, so I would be honored to serve as your wedding planner (or your matron of honor!) :)