Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.


1.) I had a #1 enemy this week.  That #1 enemy's name was Color Printer on 17 (as in floor 17, the floor I work on).  I was working on an important project with a short deadline, and it kept jamming on me, over and over.  So TSS gave me access to Color Printer on 18.  Color Printer on 18 has its own problems - it doesn't hold very much paper.  And I had heels on.  So I was up and down the stairs multiple times adding paper to it.  In my heels.  And it took 10 minutes to print 2 copies of what I needed.  I needed multiple copies.  If I did the math, I wasn't going to meet my deadline.  Basically, the whole situation ruined my day.  I hated it.  What a stupid thing to ruin a day, right?  I know.  My solution?  

A. Suggest to my colleagues we go on strike until they replace the color printer.  

B. Come in late at night with a bat and do some business on Color Printer on 17.  Anyone seen Office Space?  Insert scene here.  You know which one I'm talking about.

Neither have happened.  Neither probably will happen.  I'm all bark and no bite about it, really.

2.) This happened on Wednesday.

Wednesday was April 6.  Barf.  Enough said.

3.) I had a very creepy encounter with two teenage neighbors in our cars in the alley way.  Although I know they were just messing with me like dumb immature teenage boys do, I still felt fairly threatened by the situation, and didn't sleep much that night because I was so upset about it.  Needless to say I'll be prepared to kick some neighbor butt if necessary, thanks to shout-out #4 below.

4.) The husband's cooking "skills" S.T.U.N.K. up the house again - and set off the fire alarms, again.

Really?  Bread?  I have decided I need to teach him a thing or two, in case something ever happens to me.  We shall work on that this summer.

5.) Dear Spokane chicas - just because mother nature finally decided to bless us with a little sunshine this week does not mean it's time for inappropriately short shorts, skirts, tank tops, and flip flops. It is still in the low 50 degree range. I can only stand looking at that icky-ness for a few months out of the year, so please hold off until at least June.  Get classy Spokane ladies.  Gracias.

6.) The husband and I went to the store last weekend for some ice cream.  They had this stellar sale going on - buy 1 get 2 free.  Uhhh, okay?  Please, pull my leg a little harder.  I was pretty sure we'd have ice cream for weeks.  Mmmmmnope - it is almost gone.  I guess I'm supplementing no chocolate with vanilla ice cream smothered in caramel sauce and heath bar niblets sundaes?  #layoffthesweetsfail


1.)  Remember that really big proposal for that really big prospective client that I was telling you about?  And I was in charge of putting that really big, important proposal together?  Well, we turned it in on Monday.  SUCH a good feeling to be done with it.  Now, we cross our fingers.

2.) I attended another fabulous LaunchPad women's networking luncheon and met a couple of really great people.  I love meeting other Spokane women at these events - I feel like it brings me closer to my hometown!  I was able to listen to Mayor Verner speak about her journey to mayorship (is that a word?), and I also met Michelle Baker with Windermere Real Estate - I think she's a real gem.

3.)  The husband was on spring break this week - it was nice to have him around all week!  I miss him when he's gone.

4.) I finally started a self defense class on Saturday!  I've been wanting to take one for a long time.  Last time I signed up, the class was canceled due to low enrollment.  In order to ensure they didn't cancel it this time as well, the husband signed up last minute to take it with me.  Our instructor is one if the highest ranking female black belts in Spokane - she is legit.  And kinda scary.  Slash she beat up on my husband.  It was awesome.  I meant to take some pictures showing some moves I learned - maybe next week's class I will?

5.) The necklace I have been eying for w.e.e.k.s. at The Loft finally went on sale!  And they had one left!  So of course I bought it!  Lots of exclamation points!  Good for the wardrobe, bad for the Violet Hills savings account.  But it was on sale..?  And I still had allowance left for the month..?

6.) Our awesome cousins took the pups all day on Friday while we were at work.  Friday happened to be a VERY sunny day, so the husband treated me to lunch and we went for a nice little jaunt around the park downtown.

I love this little brick street leading to Riverfront Park.

A few other sunshine enthusiasts with the same idea.

Hiiiiii.  I'm wearing my favorite shoes.  And my new jeggings that have been revolutionary for me.  Yes.  I did say that.  Revolutionary.

I love him.  And his sweater that looks like it's from the 7th grade.

The carousel was even up and running.

I loved lunch on Friday.

I also loved dinner on Friday, because we got to spend it with said cousins and then some!

We woke up a little discombobulated from nap time.  And we looked like the happiest mommy in the world.

We wore stunner shades.

We observed the dog petting zoo.

We looked really cute in our new hat.

We got clobbered by long dog tongues.  This picture makes it look like we were forcing little man into this purely for our entertainment, but trust me, he was loving it.

We stared at daddy's cone longing for another lick.

We double fisted it.

We de-chocolated our ice cream cone since we gave up chocolate until Easter.

And we looked really, really cute snuggled up in our geegee.

That's all friends.  Hope it was a good week for you too!



  1. 1. Why dont you like April 6th??
    2. What happened with the teenage boys? I'll cut a thug.
    3. I'm imagining you in the Office Space scene with a fab dress and sleek heels with a Louiville in your grasp just going to town on those stupid printers. This is making me laugh so.hard..
    4. Ryan. Seriously buddy?? I've studied these two culinary "mishaps" over the last two weeks and here's my advice: turn the heat down. That's it.

    Love ya!

  2. Ali I want to see the necklace! always love you blog!

  3. Ali-
    1. The neigbors were in your cars???? How disturbing!!!!
    2. I can help destroy said printer! I have experience. :)
    3. Totally agree with the Spokane Ladies twack! I mean just because we have a nice, sunny day does not mean you get to shed clothing. By the end of the day, I think my eyes may need to be gouged out. Sorry