Thursday, June 30, 2011

discount bridesmaid dress.

So friends, I have to tell you that this dress is on sale right now for a whopping $39 buckaroos - orginally $158.

I think it could be THEE cutest bridesmaid dress at the perfect length with that pretty single shoulder strap of cascading flowers.  It's lightweight chiffon, so perfect for those hot summer weddings.  

It also comes in lipstick red, and a pretty bright blue.


You can get it through Ideeli here.

You have to sign up, though.  And then from that point forward, you will become slightly obsessed with this website, quite like myself.  Crazy deals everywhere.  And always on dresses, so it's a great place to find unique bridesmaid dresses, or dresses to wear at all those summer weddings you have on your calendar. 

Don't lie, you know that's you.

I currently have a credit of $35 to spend at Ideeli burning a hole in my pocket (or my computer's pocket?).  I just might buy this one in lipstick red.

Also, you better hurry, because the deal ends in 1 day!



  1. I ordered the blue one!

  2. Loving the post this week and last! Great Job - Keep it up, I look forward to your posts! XO

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