Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

 Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.


1.) I planted my veggie garden last weekend!  Sounds like a shout-out, no?  Not so much.  Little scally-wag Trudy decided to dig in it first thing on Monday while we were at work.  Now when I water the veggie garden I don't know if I'm watering straight up dirt or seedlings.  I guess we shall see in about two weeks.  I'll let ya know.

2.) On Sunday I headed out to Seattle for some training for Moss Adams LLP for a couple of days.  It was hard to leave the husband and pups again when I'd just returned home a few days earlier after being gone for two weeks.  Not to mention, my plane was an hour and a half late.  Boo.

3.) My two friends Jenn and Jess celebrated with all the hometown Oregon ladies in Sunriver for their upcoming July weddings.  I couldn't make the trip and I was super bummed to miss such a special time for them.

4.) The husband and I were supposed to walk in the Spokane Humane Society Parade of Paws on Saturday morning.  We were both very much looking forward to it; however, Friday night I found out the Liberty Lake city-wide yard sale was happening Saturday morning as well.  This gigantic yard sale is something I've wanted to do ever since I moved to Spokane 4 years ago, and we've had yet to make it.  Soooo we switched to being "virtual" supporters of the Parade of Paws and went to the yard sale instead.  Even though we are still donating our monies and the monies that we collected through pledges, I still felt super guilty about it.  That is all.


1.) The Liberty Lake city-wide yard sale definitely earned a spot in the shout-outs section.  Apparently, Liberty Lake laws only allow yard sales throughout the city to happen on one single day.  So the city teamed up and now they plan all of their yard sales on the same day.  So it's yard sale upon yard sale upon yard sale.  It is yard sale heaven, needless to say.  The husband and I woke up too early on Saturday, spent 4 hours walking around the neighborhoods, and we hit up the farmer's market as well.  The husband didn't find anything (how is that possible??), but I surprisingly came away with some cute clothes!  Wasn't expecting that.  It was the perfect way to spend our Saturday morning together.

Lots of walking.

Sweet old school desks.

And typewriters.  We almost purchased this.  The husband just told me a few mins ago it was going to haunt him for the rest of his life that we didn't.

It's such a big party that people rent bouncy houses?  $1 to jump.

Yummy natural honey.

Party at this yard sale.

There were lemonade stands galore.  Even this fancy snow cone stand.

Many were lucky enough to have golf carts to make it places faster!  No fair.

Whaaa??  Yes, I did buy that cute Gap jacket in my hand for $3.

And this cute Polo seersucker blazer for $2.

And there were sweet dogs to love on.  Of course, I never pass that up.


Then at the farmer's market, we had pizza.

And I couldn't help but take a picture of this cute girl in tie dye.

2.) While I was in Seattle for training, I was able to pick up some of my favorite dried mangos at Pike's.  They are THEE best in the entire world.  Even better than Trader Joe's, believe it or not.  And the training itself was actually very good.  It's always nice to get out of the office once in awhile. 

Oh, also, I finally visited the gum wall. 

And sat on the bronze pig.

3.) I finally framed this awesome picture that I won in a giveaway from this adorable blog, quite a few weeks ago (just a little behind on life, with simple things like framing a picture).  Thank you Hannah!!

4.) Softball World Series have been on.  I love it.  I could watch it all day long and reminisce about my own glory softball days, daydreaming and pretending that I would ever be good enough to play in the World Series.

5.) The husband and I purchased our plane tickets to fly home on Labor Day Weekend and have our pictures taken with our high school friend and incredible photographer, Erich McVey. The tickets were $238 total. No, not round trip for one of us.  Round trip for BOTH of us.  Thank you Southwest Air for your incredible deals once in awhile so my husband and I can afford to fly home instead of drive for 14 hours.  I appreciate that out of you.

6.) The husband and I spent the majority of our weekend outside.  We worked on our back yard and our front yard (both need major help), he did homework outside, I sunbathed, we played in the dog pool with the pups, and we ate lots of creamsicles.

Overall, I had such a good weekend.  I loved it.  I hope yours was filled with lots of fun and sunshine too!



  1. Ah i LOVE that gum wall!! It's great for awesome photo shoots :)

  2. 1) I want to come up next year for that big garage sale.
    2) I LOVE THE LLAMA picture. LOVE.