Saturday, October 1, 2011

his ring.

I tend to feel slightly bad for the gents when it comes to, well really, the whole wedding in general.  All of the attention seems to naturally bubble around the bride.  But it's just as much his day as it is hers, right? 


So, if you drill down a bit, think about the ring.  It's ALLLLL about the ring.  The first two questions people ask a girl when she gets engaged...

1. How did he propose?

2.) What's the ring look like?

I think the guys should get some ring love too.  Pardon me for any gents out there who are terribly in love with their wedding band, but let's get real, they are pretty boring compared to hers. Which is precisely why I fell in love with this wedding band when I saw it.

It's imprinted with her fingerprint.

So creative.  Admittedly different.  Without a doubt meaningful. 

Take a look at Adzias Jewelry Atelier on Etsy to see more of their creative work. 
BTW, I have to put a little plug in here for the husband's wedding band.  Although his looks just as plain as the next guy's, it has an immense amount of meaning for us.  His Grandpa Marshall gave it to us for him to wear... it was his wedding band with his late wife, Grandma Marshall.  Grandpa Marshall holds a special place in both of our hearts, so it's very fitting that the husband gets to wear his ring.

I love it.  Makes my heart melt.


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