Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i suck at blogging. and i'm getting a website.

Why hello there dear friends,

I actually don't like the word suck, but there really isn't any better way to put it.

I am so so sorry for the outdated posts on my blog, here.  I cringe every time I have to send a fellow vendor in the wedding industry or prospective client to my blog as my contact information because of how seriously outdated it is.  I am fully aware of how poorly it represents how "in to" this job I really am.  

The last several months I've been focused on finding where I (and Violet Hills) fit into this big wedding industry.  More specifically where Violet Hills fits in here locally, in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area. It's been an interesting (and fun) journey, to say the least.

Part of that process has helped me realize I'm just not cut out for this whole blogging thing.  Which, to be honest, is really hard for me to admit.  I reallllly don't like admitting when I'm not good at things, but it's somewhat freeing at this particular cross road.  And if I'm really honest with you pals of mine, I usually don't go for things unless I know I'll be good at them (can anybody relate?  Please?).  So I guess I can chalk this one up as a success in stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I had no idea if I'd be good at or not.  

With my busy schedule, I've decided my time is better spent on dreaming up pretty wedding things and serving my clients, not trying to sound cool like everybody else in the industry who are awesome bloggers.  It's just not me.  And I'm okay with that.

SO, all that to say, I'm working on getting a website created.  Eeek, how fun is that?  It's in the very beginning stages, so hold your horses, okay?  And stay tuned.

Also, thank you thank you for all of you who have told me you love reading my posts and are inspired by what you see.  Also to those who continue to encourage and inspire me to be a better me, and a better Violet Hills!

And just because I hate posts sans pictures, here's a sneak peek of my DIY photo shoot from last weekend!  You will see more of this shoot if you follow me on Facebook here!



  1. This actually makes me quite sad. I truly do believe you are a wonderful blogger (despite the lapse in posts) and I LOVE seeing your inspiration. Just had to throw that out there for you :) Also, um hi...there's a reason why Ms. McKenzie made us buddies in 3rd grade, because I totally only do things I'm good at. Now you know why I hardly do anything...ha. Love you friend and love that you are doing what you love!

  2. Love this post, girl!! We're behind you whatever you decide to do (cuz, of course, it'll be awesome!) I, too, tend to gravitate towards what I do best, and I can't wait to see what's in store for VH Weddings!! xo

  3. I loves watching you step outside of your comfort zone and begin to make your dream a reality. You may think that you sucked at blogging but I must disagree. Through your blog you showed the world your perspective, your personality, and your passion. You said 'I am a wedding guru'' and so the world now knows you as one.

  4. You are a fabulous blogger, but it's no easy feat (I go months without touching mine, it's not easy!). Your website will be equally as inspiring. If you need any help, or even just words of encouragement anywhere along the way, I'm your gal. Love you lots. xx