Saturday, September 18, 2010

find a penny in your pocket mirrors

I think these little pocket mirrors are so darling.

You could personalize them and have one made for each bridesmaid tailored to their name or style or colors or whatever you want.   Or you could make them similar to each other to keep your little tight-knit wedding posse bound together by these precious little accessories.  They could (obviously) stick them in their pockets for an everyday necessity, and even on the day of your wedding tuck them away in their little clutch purse for easy access.

I personally always struggle with how to fit everything I *might* need at a wedding in my clutch, how in the WORLD do those little purses have room for: money, credit cards, drivers license, chap stick, lip stick, lip gloss, cell phone, bobby pins, directions to the wedding site, directions to the reception site, directions to get back home from the reception site, touch up blush, my mirror for those necessary discrete check ups, ibuprofin for that possible headache, camera, gum, mints if I don't feel like chewing on gum, contact case and solution in case my contacts start bothering my eyes, glasses in case of said bothered eyes, allergy pills if it's an outdoor wedding, band aids in case those darn heels rub my feet wrong, or anything else I THINK I might need?

What - you don't bring this loot along with you to the weddings you attend?  Well then, maybe it's just me.  That's usually the way it is for me.  For example, when I go anywhere overnight, I'm known as the "overpacker" - I always get nervous to bring my giant roller suitcase to whoever it is I'm driving with, because I'm just anticipating the judgmental comments:

"Jeez Ali, what'd you bring, everything but the kitchen sink??"
"Holy cow, how much does that thing WEIGH?"  Always emphasis on the weigh, always.
Or just the infamous "Oh.My.Gosh"

It's funny though, because along with those comments, usually sometime during the trip I get a "man, I wish I would have thought to bring _____".  Feel free to fill in the blank yourself.  That's when I go "Yep, I did!  And no, you cannot borrow it because you were mean about the size of my roller suitcase."

Okay, back to the darling pocket mirrors.  They'd also make a ca-uuuttee wedding favor if you buy them in bulk.  You can get them custom-made with your monogram, or even put your names and date of your wedding.

Type "pocket mirror" into Etsy and you'll find a slew of options!

Happy shopping.

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