Monday, October 11, 2010

they call me mellow yellow

I am in love with the color yellow lately.  And this is a new gig for me - yellow has always carried a hint of negativity with it in my mind.  I think it's because I grew up with a family of blonds, and we were always told we should never wear yellow because it blends in with our hair color and therefore washes out our faces.  In the last couple of years, though, I've been saying "so long" to that funny stigma, sorry mom!  I LOVE YELLOW.  Yellow cardigans, yellow necklaces, yellow flowers, yellow dishes, yellow mini coopers, yellow curtains, most of all yellow shoes.  In fact, I just bought some the other day, peep toe flats actually, they are very cute.  Seems like a popular thing this spring and summer was yellow weddings.  So I've reflected back on that and put together this inspiration board for your enjoyment

* The photos above come from the following sites: Martha Stewart Weddings, Amy Butler Designs, the Knot, and a few other unknown sites.  If you feel your photo has been improperly attributed, please contact me and I will remedy it asap.  

I feel fresh, light, crisp, and airy just looking at these pictures.  A little yellow can brighten up any space, big or small, inside or outside, and add a pep in the step of all your lovely guests.

Yellow Real Wedding

My husband attended the wedding of his childhood best friend this last summer down in La Jolla, California.  I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting his (now) wife, but I knew once we received their wedding invitation in the mail, we could be best friends, especially if friendships were based solely on similar style tastes.  She decorated with yellow and gray (my personal favorite color companion for yellow), and here are a few highlights from their wedding:

yellow candy sticks for the candy table

i'm pretty sure those are abba zabbas, yes

please note the creative, nontraditional boutonniere

cutie pie flower girl

no yellow here, but i just have to share their other fab pictures!


  1. If I were to do our wedding again, I am quite sure I want this one...its stunning! Oh and if I ever see you in your yellow shoes I may snatch them. Fair warning.

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