Monday, October 18, 2010

a love like johnny and june

The summer of 2008 was a very busy one for me.  I had recently started a new job in the spring, and summertime was peeking out at me from just around the corner.  At my age, along with summer comes many weddings.. tis the season!  It just so happens that two very close friends and one very close sister of mine were getting married during the summer of 2008, and it just so happens that I was asked to be in all three weddings.  Funny enough, it also just so happens that they were all in Oregon (I live in Spokane, Washington), and even funnier is that they were all back to back weekends, one right after the other.  Y.I.K.E.S. Since I had just started my new job, I didn't think it would be kosher to ask for two and a half straight weeks off, so yes, I came all the way back up to Spokane in between each wedding.  While I was grateful none of them overlapped - I was one exhausted chica after all of those festivities!

I was the matron of honor at my sister Kris' wedding, and of course wanted to come home a few days ahead of time to help prepare.  The aforementioned (post #1 of my blog) sisters planned this sister's wedding as well, so I wanted to pitch in and be around the family during such a special time!  Kris wanted a very laid-back, peaceful, down-to-earth wedding.  She didn't want to fuss over many details, which is so her style.   She and her (now) husband got married at a beautiful park in downtown Salem, Oregon, and I want to share a few pictures from their wedding, and some of the help I chipped in.  Enjoy!

bride and groom

she loves her classic cars!  this is what she and dad pulled up in before they walked down the aisle together
my beautiful bride sister and I

dad walking her down the aisle

My sister Erin and I made this sign.  It's hard to see, but the bottom left hand side has the lyrics of the song to their first dance.  It was placed at the beginning of the pathway to guide the guests to the wedding area.  They were propped up by old painting easels.  The signs were actually really simple to make - e mail me if you want some guidance!

I love all of the different sized vases displayed here - it's not matchy matchy and gives it an antique feel

They had a few different guest favors to choose from.  Don't tell Kris, but I stole quiiiiiite a few handfuls of the matches.  whooops

Please note the cute little bride and groom paper clipper here

I loved her choice of flowers - very country feel. Money-saver tip: a neighbor down the street from our parent's house has quite a few hydrangea bushes, so we knocked on her door the day before the wedding and politely asked her if we could cut a few, and she was more than happy to contribute, especially since they weren't going to hang on for that much longer!

Another sign my sister Erin and I made.  Kris walked down the aisle to the song "a love like johnny and june" by Heidi Newfield - how stinkin cute is that?  Now she has this sign (and the one above) hanging up in her bedroom.  Perfect double dipper: wedding decor turned home decor

lemonade bar, with all different concentrated flavors and berries to add to your lemonade glass

"love is spoken here"  This sign is hanging on the table that sat behind them during the ceremony

i made her bouquet

dancing sisters

this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of us 

* All photographs by Valerie Hibler Photography  
* Bride's hair and makeup done by Jennifer Walker of Face Body Beauty

It was such a precious, precious time.  My sister Kris is so very special to me.  I know she loves me something fierce and she has supported me and been there for me in honestly every single step of my life.  My relationship with her holds a very special, untouchable place in my heart, and I would go to the ends of the earth for her.  It was a privilege to be her matron of honor on her big day.  She was a lovely bride!


  1. Just read your blog for the first time and I love it, Ali! You are amazing!
    And, Happy birthday!

  2. Honored to be a part of your super-fantastic, super-chic blog, Sister.. Love you!

  3. Love this. Love Kristen, too....great blog, great pics, and what looks like a BLAST of a time at that wedding!

  4. Wow, I forgot how stunning Kristen's wedding was... Ok, so, two questions...

    1. You made the bouquet... How did I not know this?

    2. Ummm... but why did you steal a lot of matches? Just curious...

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