Sunday, January 16, 2011

Penny sweets and old photos.

Wedding favors seem to stump many brides that are working on planning their big day.  There's so many guidelines that you want to follow, such as:
  • Inexpensive, since you have to buy multiple
  • Creative, you want something "different"
  • Personal, something that holds meaning to you and your groom

What about this one?

This bride from Rhubarb & Rose made up little bags filled with their favorite penny sweets and tied them with ribbon.  Then they added an old picture of their parents' weddings to add that unique personal touch.  They used Moo Minicards for their pictures, but I'm sure you can get something similar printed at your local Kinko's.  They placed their sweets bags in vintage tea cups for the table tops (why not use them as your centerpieces??  two-in-one!).

* Photos by Silver Pearl Weddings via Rhubarb & Rose


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