Tuesday, February 15, 2011

brown bag favor.

Lately, I am in love with little brown bag favors.  And I think you should be too, because they are:

Easy to customize.
Simple to put together.

 *Photo via beyondbeyond

You can purchase a custom rubber stamp from Etsy, brown bags from your local craft store, and spice it up with a little ribbon or cute clip like the picture above.  You can fill it with anything you want, here are a few ideas:

Your favorite mints.
Your favorite candy.
A tea bag.
Chocolate covered espresso beans.
Vegetable or flower seeds.
Whatever your heart desires.

And voila! You have an adorable, affordable little brown bag favors for all of your guests. 

Here's another one I adore.  Especially how they are displayed.

*Photo via la bella bride


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