Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

Remember this post last week people?  Well, here we go again.
Also, excuse the double spacing - I have no clue why it's doing that today.  That should be a thwack.

Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.

 1.) Apparently one of my dogs, Trudy, is an experienced escape artist, even though she's only 10 months old.  She has escaped 4 times now, and one of them was this week.  FREAKS me out every time, because trust me, we are overly careful with our babies.  We found her in the neighbor's yard this time - thankfully their gates were closed.  However, she managed to come back super muddy and the husband had just given them baths.  Whoooppsss.

This is the little culprit - don't you see that smirk on her little face?

2.) In the last two weeks, the following things have happened to our car:
- We had to purchase 4 new tires.
- One of the headlights broke.
- We had to purchase new brakes.
- Something fell off the bottom of it when the husband was driving in the snow.  He pulled over, got out, picked up the piece, and stuck it in the car, hoping nobody saw.  Classy.  When he took it in to the mechanic to get it fixed, they zip tied it back to the bottom of the car.  Also classy.

3.) As you know, the weather and I have been fighting lately.  However, I just now decided to give him, or her, another chance, and looked at the 10-day weather forecast.  The weather and I are still in a fight because it's supposed to rain through March 15.  Also NOT COOL.  

Makes me want to escape here to Mexico like the husband and I did last year:

4.) Blogger is double spacing on me today, and it's very very annoying.

1.) The husband lost his cell phone last week while taking the pups for a walk.  Bummer.  Then it snowed 12 inches the next day.  Bigger bummer.  So far this sounds like a thwack, but it's not, listen along now. We went to the AT&T store to buy him a new one with whatever leftover allowance he had after that $30 worth of M&Ms.  The AT&T dude asked what all the husband used his phone for, upon which of course the husband answered "to make phone calls".  That's it?  Yes, that is it.  We do not text in this family.  The AT&T dude was shocked, looked at us like we were Amish, and proceeded to tell us we are the first people he's ever met that do not text.  That is worth shouting out for.  We're proud that we don't have text but can still maintain friendships through other (more meaningful) avenues of communication, like phone calls and Facebook (haha).  Actually, the truth of the matter is, we just don't want to pay the $30 a month - we are cheap slash saving for Violet Hills.

2.) I received my Sweet 15 free drink from Starbucks in the mail on Wednesday through my prestigious gold membership.  It pays to drink lots and lots of coffee : )

3.) We randomly got a check in the mail on Saturday for $59.13 from our previous mortgage bank.  I do not know what it was for.  I do not care what it was for.  It's $59.13 more monies in my pocket.

4.) I got to sip coffee this week with the awesome Erica Schmautz of Erica's Expressions - a local florist here in Spokane.  She was encouraging and inspiring.  I will blog about that soon. 

5.) I also got to sip coffee with the adorable Amanda Burnett - loved catching up with her.

6.) I discovered this blog, and I love it.  The main reason I love it is because she seems like an over-protective, overly-cautious, will-do-anything-for-her-baby kind of dog mom.  Sound familiar friends?  Also, she is funny.

7.) I know I already mentioned this, but I'm so excited to be working with Megan from Red Pearl Designs on a facelift for my blog.  This will remain a shout-out until you see the new look!   

8.) Came across this new TV show, Portlandia, and hilarious little clip about birds.  Although I think they are making fun of me because I have birds all over my house, still hilarious.

K friends, that is all.  I love seeing 8 Shout-Outs and only 4 Thwacks.  I think that means I had a good week.  I hope yours was similarly good, with lots of thing to shout-out about and only a few things to thwack.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! And if it makes you feel any better, my car won't start if it's below 50 degrees outside. I have to rev the gas as much as possible and peel out so that it won't stall. Well-working cars are overrated anyway, right?

  2. Hey sis! Glad to hear your week was definitely higher on the shout-out side of things...and glad I wasn't the cause of one of your thwacks this week. Sorry to hear about your car. If it was zip-tied on, you probably didn't need it. Don't you wish we lived up there to rescue you from any and all automotive disasters? Yeah, me too. And major bummer about Ryan's phone.. you know you can always buy a phone on CL for super cheap, Summer does it all the time. Or she used to. Poor Ryan... Poor wasted allowance on too much candy and a lost cell phone... :) Love you guys!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Your super sweet and loved talking to you. Let's do it again!

  4. If it makes you feel better, my boyfriend shares my car cause he is saving $ for other things right now and he has torn off my front bumper so many times now that it too is zip-tied back on. I guess that's how mechanics fix things now. Makes me feel ghetto even though I consider my car cute (perhaps because I'm still making payments on it!)

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  6. Can't wait to see the new facelift! Also, it is snowing outside right now making Mexico sound even more incredibe. Who is that hottie on the back of that mo-ped? Straight up got dust right in my eyes.