Tuesday, March 15, 2011

top 10 shoulder bridesmaid dresses.

I discover.

I fall in love.

I agree.

I re-share.


I always feel like a blog post that has multiple options in it without telling you my favorite is void of something - I just can't quite put my finger on it.  So, get used to hearing my favorites, k? 

My favorite one here is actually a very tough call.

I feel drawn to #1 - that little ruffle and (eek!) shorter hemline make it a little extra flirty.  Chances are pretty good I would consider standing the entire wedding and reception - how do you sit down in that thing??

1. Thread | 2. Thread | 3. Dessy | 4. J.Crew | 5. Ann Taylor |
6. BCBG | 7. Jenny Yoo | 8. Joanna August | 9. Quail Bridal |
10. Banana Republic



  1. My favorite is #5. Its got a litte extra something on the shoulder and shapewise it is flattering that it floats away from the hips and stomach. Of course then I scroll down and realize its from Ann Taylor which makes me love it a little bit more...

  2. The clear winner here is #5.... the empire waist is flattering on all body types, the lines are clean, simple and fall well, the length is wedding-appropriate and the focus is simple so as to not attract attention from the bride... this would be fantastic in a cranberry or plum....