Thursday, April 14, 2011

need a steal of a deal wedding gown, fast?

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a few fabulous slash dangerous discount clothing/shoes/decor/accessories websites.

Fabulous, of course, because who doesn't love cute things on super sale?

Dangerous, of course, because I see lots of things I like and want to buy.  And shouldn't.

Ay yi yi the struggle to save monies.

Check them out for yourself:

One in particular I have to tell you about is  Right now they have a ridiculous sale on wedding goodies... yes... including dresses. 

Like these ones:

Eliza J Organza Gown - $199

Dere Kiang Beaded Bodice Bow Back - $429

Dere Kiang Rose Pearl Rosette - $479

Eliza J Strapless Mermaid - $199

Dere Kiang Open Back Lace Layer - $479

Jacquelin Exclusive Pearl Embellished Gown - $399

Max and Cleo Stellar Gown - $79

Um amazing prices, no? 

So the sale ends soon.  Like tonight.  So you better hurry!



  1. wow they are all gorgeous! I'm loving the lace ones :)

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