Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.


1.) I can't even count how many rugs I have replaced in my kitchen because of my little scallywag dogs.  For some reason, they looooove to chew them up when we're not home.  You think I'd learn my lesson and take them out of the kitchen, but for some reason I have a rare faith in them that they will knock it off.  But they don't.  I usually resort to keeping the chewed up rug in my kitchen for awhile, taking the stance that I'm too stubborn to buy yet another rug.  But then of course, I always break down because I'm tired of looking at the tacky thing.  This is our usual routine when they're in trouble for "the rug" incidents.

You'd think after having to listen to me for so long each time they get in trouble, that'd be enough to make them stop.

And yes, I broke down and purchased a new rug this weekend after staring at that one for a few weeks.

Also, feel free to make fun of my dog voice, I don't even care.

2.) It did this on and off this week.

Get it?  That's wind.  There has been a lot of it here.  I'm fine with being Deborah Downer here, I'll just say it, I hate it!  I hate wind! Since when did Spokane become the Windy City?  

I'm over it.

3.) I finally received access to Pinterest.  I know, kinda weird this is a thwack, but I go back and forth about it.  Today it's a thwack because it's so incredible that I just know it's going to glue me to my computer even more.  I'm on here enough already!!

4.) This thwack comes to you from Lola and Trudy.

"Seriously mom and dad?  This is ridiculous.  And boring.  And totally unfair.  You try running up and down these things over and over."


1.) I attended a super fun event this weekend - Spokane's Top Model.  It's the largest Spokane modeling show where aspiring models team up with a few local boutiques and salons to compete for the win.  I loved it - such a great way to support our local talent and creative way to showcase local businesses!

2.) I love this picture of Trudy - I think she looks like a mini giraffe with those long legs.

You'd think I was obsessed with my dogs or something.. ?

3.) You know that big proposal at work I keep talking about?  For that very large prospective client?  Well, we found out this week that we made it to the second round - yay!  Now they present for the Audit Committee on Wednesday, so again, we continue to cross our fingers.

4.) The Marshall family has officially survived tax/audit busy season and the husband being in grad school all at the same time.  The last few months have been a little crazy, but I worked my last Saturday a few weeks ago, and the husband worked his last Saturday yesterday. We made it!  PTL friends, PTL.

5.) The husband and I completed our last session of self defense class on Saturday.  It was awesome.  It made it 1235793087587 times better that he did it with me.  Good memories as husband and wife.

6.) During winter/busy season, I talked a lot about how I was really looking forward to getting to some of my craft projects once springtime decided to show itself and Saturday work days were history (for the year).  Well, I finally finished my wreath.

I LURVE how it turned out (lurve, like Celine Dion lurves things).

I put a bird on it just for the picture.  Spruce it up.  Make it pretty.

7.)  I leave for Italy with my mother in this many days:


Wooo I'm excited!

I have to say, I lurve how consistently my weeks are heavy on the shout-out side.

I live a good life - I am a blessed lady!


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  1. I don't think I've ever laughed at your Sunday thwacks and shout-outs as much as I did just now... Super funny dog videos, OMG!! Lurve (hilarious Celine Dion reference too!!!) the wreath you made and I think you should make one for your favorite sister (um that would be me.) I also cannot get over the "put a bird on it" throw back as that has become my favorite thing and I've watched it like elevendy billion times. Love you, see you soon, Sista of mine