Monday, April 18, 2011

turquoise + mustard

I am obsessed with the colors turquoise and mustard together lately - which explains why I made my wreath, my most recent craft project, in these colors.

I really do go through color obsession phases, but turquoise never seems to filter out.  I guess that's how I know it's true love.

Turquoise is here to stay for this girl.

And for now, she'll be paired with mustard.


Counter-clockwise from top left:
Dresser | Clutch Purse | Misc. Toys | Tape in a cup | Shoes on chair | Pinwheels on wall | Yellow pumps | Hanging dress | Boutonniere | Turquoise doors | Pillows


  1. I am totally the same. Although grey is also a fav lately. I am loving it as the new black. But teal is always a fav for me!

  2. What about chartreuse? It’s my new favorite accent color, although I am tempted to use it in a bigger project (which I will never get to and by then it will be out of style). What do you think about using that color in weddings or any trendy color for that matter? Do you say, “just go for it, you only live once and this is what you liked when you got married?” Or do you think it’s a good idea to shy away from trendy colors so you won’t look back on pictures and totally regret it in 20 years?

  3. I love chartreuse too Katy! Such a fabulous color. I am all for using chartreuse or any trendy color in weddings, absolutely. you should make your day look the way you want it at that moment - why not? Because really, color trends really never leave us for long - they always end up circling back - just like the rest of fashion.