Tuesday, April 5, 2011

vintage postage stamps.

I'm not sure how you're feeling about your wedding invitations, but our wedding invitations were probably one of the main areas I spent a majority of my time and energy on.  For a couple of reasons.  

1.) It was the first "touch", if you will, all of our guests would receive surrounding our wedding.  Our invitations would give them the initial feel of what our big day would be like, so I really wanted them to portray us.

2.) My dad is a printer, and offered to help with the design and printing of our invitations for free, which was a huge blessing, so I really wanted to take advantage of that incredible opportunity, because I know this is a huge expense for most brides.

SO, if you're anything like me, you are spending hours on making them just right - the design, the colors, the font, the layout of all the different pieces.  So much to consider!  And once you finish the inside pieces, there's the outside to think about too - will you hire a calligrapher?  Will you print?  Will you add a sticker to the back?

Then, of course, there is the stamp.  Possibly at this point in time, you are so over all of the planning hoorah, that you're completely content with heading over to USPS for that giant roll of $0.64 cent-ers.  However, there are others of you that might be looking for that perfect touch to bring everything together.  

Say, perhaps, a vintage stamp?

If that's you, you should head over to The Paper Nickel Stamp Comparny and look at founder Holly Bedell's amazing stamp collection. 

After noticing that the market was lacking an outpost of unique, sellable stock, Holly realized the need for an organized website dedicated solely to these postal flourishes. Fast-forward a year later and The Paper Nickel Stamp Company is born. Relying on her keen eye, Holly handpicks the cache of colorful, cultural and charming collections for each and every order, pulling from her enormous inventory, which spans a variety of decades from the early 1900s through the late 1980s.


You can order mixed packs, which include a random selection of stamps chosen by them.  Or you can do a custom order with a specific decade, color scheme, style, etc.

Speaking of vintage stamps, I received a save-the-date in the mail a few weeks back that had similar looking stamps beautifully placed on the outside of the envelope.  The husband knows I get excited about receiving any sort of wedding stationary in the mail, so he waits for me to open them, isn't that sweet?  So when he brought it to me, I stared at the outside for awhile, and decided it made me feel like I was about to open a long-lost, secret letter from the 1930's.  It just gave me this special feeling inside that I can't quite describe. I loved it.

It looked like this.

Aren't they cute?



  1. I love this vintage stamp idea! If only I had thought of that when I got married last summer :-) Such a romantic idea.

  2. Gosh, these are so pretty! Another idea for brides is customized stamps... You can see a few custom rose stamps here.