Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

Just the usual Sunday post, my friends.

Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.


1.) Not that I usually rank my thwacks, but if I did, this would without a doubt deserve the #1 spot on my list. For those of you that have read the "Violet Hills?" tab to try and understand a little more about this here blog, as well as the husband and I's big dream, you might remember me mentioning a particular house, THEE house for sale that started the dream.  Yes?  You remember?  Well.  It sold.  Not that I ever thought we would have a real chance to buy it, but it still really bummed me out.

2.) I came home Monday on my lunch hour to my house smelling something like this ridiculously burnt quesadilla looks.  That's because the poor husband isn't the best cook in the world - chances are he would starve without me. The stink made itself at home for at least 48 hours.  The good thing is, once you were in the house for a couple of hours, your nose hairs were so burnt off that you didn't notice it anymore.  Look.  A positive out of a negative. 

3.) Last Sunday I talked about the Lady Zags making it to the NCAA Elite 8 women's basketball tournament.  Our growth group came over to enjoy pizza and watch the game together Monday night.

We put on silly glasses.

We put the silly glasses on Mr. Monkey

We played hide-and-go-seek in the curtains.

And in Marcie's jacket.

We made some pretty important phone calls.

We played doctor.

Believe it or not, we did watch the game!  Unfortunately, the Lady Zags just weren't strong enough to come out on top.  It was a great run this season - and Spokane is very proud of them!


1.) I got an iPhone.  I have finally joined the masses with this convenient little gadget.  I am still holding out with no texts though, so don't think you can text me like crazy now, even though I know you want to.

2.) We had a little visitor this weekend - Bella the Bear.  My boss was out of town for the week, so we offered to watch his 6 month old yellow (more like white) Labrador (more like polar bear).  She was a little timid at first, but once she figured out how to play, she and Trudy were best little buds for the week, as you can see.

While Lola stared at me like this because she says she's too old for that child's play.

3.) BUSY SEASON IS OVER.  I am officially done with 6-day weeks.  This weekend was my first 2-day weekend in a long time, and it felt like a mini vacation!  I rested (kinda, as much as a type-A, always-have-to-be-doing-something type of gal can rest), I blogged, I crafted, I cleaned, I ran errands, I snuggled doggies, I spent time with the husband.  I did lots of things that I really like to do on the weekends.

4.) This video is adorable.  And funny.  I want to hug her, because she looks like she needs a hug.

5.) I purchased my first pair of jeggings this week.  Mmm hm, that's okay, go ahead, you can laugh.  At first, I made fun of them too.  But now folks, it's a love affair.  This is a good lesson in "don't knock it until you try it".  They will be perfect for my vacay to Italy.

6.) Still working with Megan from Red Pearl Designs on my blog updates!  I'm liking the changes I see, so I can't wait to see everything come together.

7.) I purchased this print, by FotoFoto, for the shelves I'm putting up in my living room.  Jamie Fay, I think you will be happy about this one.

8.) Ladies and gentleman, we saw sun today.  After tooooo many dang weeks (months?) without it, it.was.incredible.  The husband calls me his little plant, because when the sun comes out after winter, I can't come inside, it's like I need the rays to survive.  So we went for a nice long walk with the three dogs this morning.

And we played at the park.

And the husband rested at the park.

And I sipped on this yummy thing at the park.

It was glorious.  And much needed.

I loved this weekend.



  1. Dear Ali,

    a) I <3 you

    b) I am so proud of your iPhone purchase & wanted to let you know that there is an app that will allow you to text for free. just thought you should know :)


  2. Hi! YAY! Very proud of you for that purchase. What a fun weekend!

  3. I am excited about you and this new iPhone purchase too! And the texting ap that amy speaks of is true, however it uses your internet if you're like me and got the cheap-o, low internet package for $15 a month, you don't have a lot of internet usage to spare!

    Can I make a comment to Ryan on here? Ry - what the heck burning a quesadilla, man? Someone needs to be around to feed Ali when I'm not visiting! *sigh* guess I'll really just have to move in now, someone needs to fatten the two of you up....

    Lola's face in the "I'm too old for this child's play" picture literally made me go "BAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" at work. oopsey...