Wednesday, May 11, 2011

chicken wire guest book.

If you like shabby chic, I'm certain you will adorable this creative way to display your "guest book", if that's what you want to call it

Guests can grab a little slip of paper, write the bride and groom a sweet (and/or saucy) message, and slip it in one of the little slots.

This particular bride purchased the frame and chicken wire filler from Uncommon Goods, and had the idea of putting the board in a large shadow box and hanging it in their home after the wedding.  That way, whenever they're feeling sentimental, they can go back and read messages their friends and family wrote them on their big day.

I personally would pick one that stands up like this (minus the glass and current background, of course).


 So fun.



  1. I absolutely ADORE this idea....

  2. aw your blog is beautiful :), and so are you dear!!!!