Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

 Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.


1.) On Thursday, I found a bug crawling around inside my shirt at work.  Gross.  Super gross.  I had the heebeegeebees all day.

2.) Remember that big proposal I've talked about a few times that I helped put together for my day job..?  Well, we found out this week that we lost it.  They went with a Big 4.  We can't combat that, which was frustrating.  But, I can look back on our efforts and feel confident that we gave it our best shot.

3.) So I leave for Italy in 3 days, and my mom sent me her "master" packing list that she uses for big trips.  For those of you that know me, you know I'm pretty type A, aka organized and prepared in most situations.  Well, for those of you that don't know my mom, she is like me on steroids in regards to type A-ness.  So you can imagine that I wasn't surprised to open her master list and see that it was 123 line items long.  Umm seriously?  You want me to fit all of those things into a carry on???  (BTW, see shout out #1).

4.) I only did one post this week - and I feel like a horrible blogger.  So sorry friends, it's been crazy getting ready for Italy, work, the wedding planning, the Butterfly Affair planning, so many fun and exciting things going on, but it left little time to be on here.  Forgive?  kgoodthanks.


I feel like I have so many things to shout-out about this week, which is always a good thing.  So bear with me.

1.) I fit all of my stuff for my two-week Italy trip into a single carry on and backpack.  It's honestly no stretch to say that is a miracle.  I'm not joking, I usually check a giant bag when I go somewhere for the WEEKEND, let alone out of the country for two weeks.  I made my mom (and the husband) very proud.  iamawesomethankyouverymuch.

2.) For as much as I complained about our shady weather this spring, I have to talk as much about how I LOVE when we have warm weather - and we definitely had some of that this week!  I think I've told you before that the husband calls me his little plant, because when the sun first comes out for the season, I can't stay inside.  This morning, the husband, pups, and I went on a nice long hike near the Little Spokane River and soaked up some amazing vitamin d.  I loved it.  So did Lola and Trudy.

"Look mom I found a stick!!"

Trudy ate grass the whole time.

While Lola played fetch and went swimming.

3.) My tulips finally came up this week!  Mine are always so far behind everyone else's, so I'm always really excited when they finally bloom.  Pretty, no?  They're about the only good thing we have going for our yard right now.

4.) This week was Frappy Hour at Starbucks - 1/2 price Frappuccinos - and they even come in soy!  Made my day when I found that one out.  I think Becky and I went at least 4 times in 5 days, right Beck?  Side note, look how high maintenance Becky's order is - sheesh girl.

Totally kidding, you know how much I love you : )

5.) There is such thing as the World Beard and Mustache Championships.  Seriously.  I read about it on CNN this week.  Here's what some of the contestants brought to the table.


Wow.  I don't really know what else to say.  World Beard and Mustache Championship - who knew?

6.) Can I just tell you how thankful I am to be married to a man who has the most tender, loving, and caring heart?  I picked him up from work on Friday to him helping a lost blind gentleman.  The poor guy had lost his bearings on which direction he was facing and kept turning around in circles, so the husband ran over and explained exactly where he was, which buildings were around, which way was north, and helped him across the street.  Seriously melts my heart - and I'm so grateful we both share that compassion for others.

7.) Sorry sisters, I finally have proof that I'm dad's favorite.  Look closely.  See that answer to my question as "yes"???

Feels good to get that squared away.

8.) Okay so again, I leave for Italy on Wednesday for two weeks with my mom.  I'm so so excited.  A few things about that.

- I put together a super quick blog to post some pictures and talk about our journey in the Bootleg Country together.  If you're interested, you can check for updates.  I'm not sure how much access I will have to a computer, but hopefully a fair amount.

- While I'm gone, I of course will not be posting about all the things I love about weddings.  Bahumbug, I know.  BUT, I'm so thrilled to have a few guest bloggers join us here on Violet Hills to post about a few things they love about weddings while I'm gone.  Isn't that so nice of them?

You will hear from:

** Linda Smith from Burlap + Blue.  I read her blog on a regular basis, and I LOVE her style.  She's adorable.

** Rachel Sandall from Apple Brides, the ultimate resource for Inland Northwest brides.  She does fabulous work - no joke.

** Becky Haight (yes, the high maintenance frapp girl from above).  Becky writes a personal blog for her family, and will share it if she feels so obliged.  Becky and I are constantly talking about weddings together - we share that love for sure!

** Jamie Porter - my best friend from Oregon.  Jamie is no stranger to blogging - she's been at hers for awhile.  She's funny, witty, and my best friend.  That's all you need to know.  

** The husband - yes, he has a name, Ryan.  But to you, he's always been known as the husband, so I'm interested to see how he introduces himself.  What a trooper, huh?  Love him.

9.) Last chance for the J.Crew $75 gift card giveaway! It's now or never - ends at midnight tonight!  I will announce the winner tomorrow.

Isn't this exciting?  I can't wait!  For Italy, guest bloggers, the giveaway... all of it!



  1. The first dude takes the trophy based solely on his plush neck beard.

  2. I am seriously laughing my arse off for a number of reasons as follows:

    1. Neck beard. enough said. OMG OMG!!!

    2. Ali, it's so cute that you think you're dad's favorite! But come on, it wasn't like he was going to say no to your (email) face. (and we all already knew it anyway....) And the fact that you posted this email is hilarious in it's self....

    Love Ryan for his kind heart, you rock, Bro! And those girls are so sweet it makes me smile to see both of them doing their thang...

    Lastly, I LOVE when I find someone who has a more complex coffee order than myself. Becky, we could roll.

    Love you sis, have a great time in Italy and BE SAFE!

  3. This is not a love note. Whatever the opposite of that is. ....and i am unsubscribing from your blog. and it will be even harder for you now to reach 100. one person harder. so there. (favorite stupidhead, maybe)