Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Night "Manning" The Blog

Well friends, my role as blog curator for my wife comes to an end tonight as Ali returns tomorrow from her two-week trip to Italy.

  I just want to write a brief post to thank you all for humoring me as I've dabbled with this blog stuff.  I have to admit, it's been an intriguing and surprisingly addicting two weeks as a blogger.  Between checking for new comments, followers, and reading the other guest blogger's posts, it's been quite an experience!

For those of you who are late to the game, here's a recap of the past two weeks...
...Rachel Sandall from Spokane's wedding resource, Applebrides.com shared 5 Budget Friendly Centerpieces

...Jamie Porter, Ali's best friend from Oregon, and author of The Jamie Update shared her love for backyard weddings

...I tried to offer a few tips and suggestions for making the ever-scary toast

...Becky Haight, Ali's close co-worker friend, fellow lover of weddings, and author of this blog, brought a DIY shower post to all of us

...and finally, Linda from burlap+blue and shared a tutorial for lightweight clay hearts

It's been awesome having Rachel, Jamie, Becky, and Linda share their passions, wisdom, and great ideas with all of us...please support them and their blogs! 

Lastly, thank you all again for letting me guest-host my beautiful wife's blog for the last two weeks.  It's been a bit lonely around the house without my best friend so this blog has offered me the opportunity to feel like I was connected to Ali in a small way. 

Thank you too for your support of Ali (and, in turn, me) and our vision and dream of Violet Hills. 

Maybe I'll sneak on sometime and write another post!

Until then...

-The Husband-

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