Wednesday, August 17, 2011

anniversary cards.

My heart literally leaped in excitement when I saw this idea.  It's great on so many levels it's not even funny.

What you do is place cards in unsealed envelopes and pens on each reception table for your guests to write a message on.  On the front of each envelope, you write different anniversaries, using any range you want (ex: 1 month - 50 years).  Your guests write you a message (and make sure they sign it so you know who it's from when you open it!), stick it back in the envelope, and seal it for you to open it on that respective anniversary.

OMG so great, right?

Check out how Jenna did over here on Northwest Nightingale.

You can even...
  • Design cute instructions to frame on each table as part of your decor, so people know exactly what to do.  
  • Have a cute mailbox displayed somewhere in your reception area for people to stick their messages in.
  • Do practically anything for the cards. Buy them, make them, buy a design from Etsy and print them... the possibilities are literally endless.
It's a great time filler for any down time your guests have, and I'm positive they will rave about it and talk amongst each other about their messages... a great conversation starter perhaps?

And such a neat thing for you and hubbers to look forward to at each of those anniversaries.

You like?


Tata for now.



  1. Oh my goodness. I am in LOVE with this idea. At our wedding, we're having a cocktail hour after the ceremony and before the reception and that will be the PERFECT time to do this! Thanks for the idea! :) You rock.

  2. Ali...I love your blog! And I love your dream on the about page. I would for surely have my wedding at your home if you lived anywhere near me. I love many of your photos and ideas! So happy for you that you are following your dream.

    PS. I know you....I took Spanish with you in college!! I found your blog when it came up in my newsfeed on facebook.