Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday's thwacks and shout-outs.

 Thwack (verb) : to strike with, or as if with, something flat or heavy.
Shout-out (noun) : a public expression of gratitude or recognition.

1.) As the husband and I have been searching for creative ways to save more monies for VH, we have recently considered moving in with our friends/cousins, Kurt and Les, and putting our house up for rent.  (Have I already told you this?). Within the last few weeks, we have decided to move in a different direction, as another (less stressful, no renting involved!) opportunity has come up for us.  We are SO bummed to not be moving in with them because we were totally looking forward to that adventure with them - we love them lots, and just enjoy being around them!  HOWEVER... side note... please see shout-out #1.

2.) I admit: I went to Starbucks FIVE times this week.  There.  I said it.

3.) I have taken a little break from running the last couple of weeks.  While it has felt amazing to just rest, my body is feeling it!  I feel so much better when I'm running consistently... this workout vacay is over first thing tomorrow morn.  Wish me luck.

4.) Ehhhh so the husband and I spent a butt load of money on cedar boards this week to build 3 giant veggie planter boxes in the weird raised bed area we have in our backyard.  Remember how we built that patio earlier this summer to keep our pups out of the dirt?  Well, we finally decided what to do with that second half of the area.  Not without spending ba-jillion dollars though.  Jeez laweez our dogs are so high maintenance.  Will post pics when we're done!

5.) This is unfortunate.  Why why WHY I ask you?



1.) Sooo Kurt and Les won a brand new Ford F-150 truck at a baseball game a couple of weeks ago!  HA.  The whole story is crazy.  Read about it here. We are so so happy for them - it couldn't have happened to better people!

2.) The husband and I are SO excited to have one of his sister's best friends from back home in Oregon move in with us in September.  She's attending EWU for her graduate degree, and needed a place to stay.  So it worked out perfectly!  She'll be with us for 9 months.  Welcome to the fam, Sam.

You will probably see this cute face in future posts!

3.) The husband, pups and I went out to my boss' lake house on Coeur d'Alene Lake yesterday for some good quality work-people fun.

4.) I cannot get off Pinterest lately.  I'm overly obsessed, with things like this:

See my Pinterest page for credits.

5.) I got to meet with my cute friend Sevrina this week over lunch.  It's been awhile since I've seen her - and it's always great to catch up.

6.) I booked another wedding planning gig, and I couldn't be more excited about it!  We had a great first meeting this week, and here's a little taste of what we like.



And I think it would be soooo cute if they did this, because they love to ride their bikes together.


 The husband has just a couple of weeks left sans school, so I plan to live it up the rest of August!  Which most likely means being lazy around our house together.  WOOHOO livin' it up!


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