Thursday, September 22, 2011

bethany got married.

Wow.  So I disappeared from the blogging world. Hopefully you noticed, because that means you read what I write!  For awhile there, I was so busy with wedding stuff, that I just didn't have any extra time to post.  Then I just got out of the swing of things and couldn't figure out how to get back into it.  But I've missed it.  A lot. So hiiii friends hi.

Anyhoo. Moving on.

I have this good pal from back home named Chelsea.  Her sister, Bethany aka Biffo (do people still call her that?) got married a couple of weekends ago. I have fond memories of Biffo... she led a bible study with some of Chels and my close friends when we were younger.  I totes remember a beach weekend getaway with that crew - that's where I first heard the band La Rue and listened to Always Be on repeat.  And I'm pretty sure we danced in the living room all weekend long.  Sweet, sweet memories.

  I want to share Biffo's wedding video with you. Her nuptials are overflowing with sweetness.  She's a precious, precious lady.

Aren't they just the cutest??

Side note: you really need to check out the baby rescue operation Bethany started in South Africa called BabySafe.  It "focuses on desperate new mothers, providing an alternative to throwing their babies away (a common problem [t]here). Bethany and her crew of committed full-time volunteers routinely perform pregnancy counseling and adoption facilitation for birth mothers, as well as receive abandoned babies."

You can read more about John and Bethany's life together here.


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