Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my friends were on style me pretty.

So I have these friends from home (Salem, OR) whose wedding was featured on STYLE ME PRETTY yesterday.

Yes, you heard me, Style Me Pretty.  Just the biggest wedding website in the world, nbd.

These are the friends that the husband and I had the pleasure of spending time with over Labor Day Weekend while the amazing photographer, Erich McVey, did a photo shoot of us.

He and his adorable new wife, Amy, got married a couple of months ago.

 via Style Me Pretty - photo by Mastin Studio

You have to go here to see the entire spread they put together.  It's kinda non-negotiable.

Oh, be still my beating heart.



  1. Love that shoot! And love Kirk Mastin's work! He is amazing!

  2. Wow, a good photo. Erich McVey is really a good person to do a great photo shoot.